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Services We Offer

Public Services Offered

Massage treatments vary from Full body to Indian Head and Hot Stone therapy. We also offer beauty treatments such as facials, waxing, eyebrow tinting, spa pedicure/manicure, nails and our new service, eyelash extensions.

Our SIGNATURE MASSAGE, AI-YANG-SHA, designed by Shahida and Shafieka is a very unique massage to unblock your energy channels & to mentally relax you completely. So, what makes AI-YANG-SHA different to the rest? Well you have two massage therapists massaging you simultaneously. It is a total de-stress but on a higher level.

The Holistic Hot Stone treatments are designed for complete healing, relaxation and distressing.

Corporate Services Offered

Corporate massage treatments are done either at the desk or in one of the offices which we setup providing a tranquil spa scene and ambience. This set up consist of oils, candles, soft music, d?cor etc.

The treatments are done on either a normal office chair or on a massage bed provided by us. We offer 10mins to 30 min sessions, massaging areas such as neck, shoulders, upper back, full back and head.

Desk massages do not require any setup and treatments can be done either while staff are on the phones/computers or they can take time out while treatments are in process. Areas which can be massaged at the desk are mainly the head, neck and shoulders. The duration of the treatments are usually from 5mins to 20mins. If no room is available and at the desk is not suitable for the client, a suitable space can be provided within the working office and setup can be done by providing seated massages.

The commencement time is provided by the client and finishing time is not later than 4pm with a one hour lunch from 1pm to 2pm. Depending on the amount of staff, clients have the option of either booking per person or per therapist per day.

Holistic Spa and Corporate initiatives

Companies initiated this idea of offering massages to their staff after a survey was done. The survey showed that staff are more productive and have less medical problems after having regular massages, therefore most companies highly encourage this initiative.

Other Services offered

  • Incentive Prize Giving
  • Team Building Events
  • Gift Vouchers - Also for Clients/Suppliers as Gifts
  • Pamper Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Birthdays, etc
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